In all the years I've been ponding I've never gotten a single disease. Heck, I think I had a mild case of ick once in all the years I had indoor tropicals, too. But two days ago I noticed a goldfish sporting some small white bumps on both of it's sides in my upper pond; and one of my kohaku koi in the lower pond with the same bumps along one side. I did try to catch them for a closer look, but as typical with fast moving fish, it was impossible. And I was stressing out the whole herd. From what I can see, it looks like large grains of a kosher salt that stick out maybe 1/8th of an inch from the body.

I was thinking it was koi pox, but heck it's the middle of the summer and 90 degrees. That's typically a cold water disease and it tends to go away when it's hot. I've heard rumors of a warm water variety, but I've never seen any evidence of it. So, I'm just treating this as if it's some kind of parasite or potentially a fungus--though my gut is leaning more to the former. Luckily, I had a few meds in my arsenal for a rainy day. Two jars containing a combo of sodium chloride, diflubenzuron, tricholorfon and victoria green. You can find these meds at any pond shop or on the internet. And, it's always best to have them on hand so you can treat as soon as you spot something rather than wait for something to come in the mail or have to run out to the store. First I did a 25% water change and I tested the water yesterday and today, and thankfully all the parameters are completely normal.

I've been treating with the meds for about a day and a half now, and am also feeding the whole herd medicated food. They're not thrilled by the new grub, but they're eating it well enough. I'll continue it for 10 days and hopefully things will improve. At this point, no other fish have gotten anything except for these two, which happen to be in two different ponds that waterfall into eachother. Neither fish has gotten worse and they are behaving as normal. They are swimming about, feeding and not flashing, rubbing or jumping. All seems the same as always except for the pesky bumps.

Hmm....let's see what happens in a few days...