Tips on Buying Your PVC and Piping


If you decide to go to the big box stores to buy your piping, be sure to only buy SCHEDULE 40 pvc. Right beside it will be DWV pvc which looks exactly like it, but it is NOT meant for use in a pressure situation like a pond. So, be sure to check what you're buying carefully. If you're unsure, your piece of PVC will also say DWV on the very side in little letters. You can use the ABS (black) pipe as well, but when you glue black ABS to white PVC you will need to make sure you are using a glue that can connect both types of plastics since they are of different mediums.

If you are gluing white PVC to PVC, use this.

If you are gluing white PVC to black ABS, use this.

Ball Valves/Knife Valves

You will regret buying cheap valves, so don't do it. Buy a knife valve with a stainless steel paddle blade only--as the plastic blades tend to warp and bend over time and will undoubtedly leak. Cheap  ball valves will become hard to open after some time as well. These are two items you should just not skimp one. No one wants to have to hack up their pond plumbing after it's done becuase you've sprung a leak in your valves. Do it right the first time.